There is more to windchimes than the magical percussion sounds we can hear while sitting on the veranda or when we open a shop door. Many people purchase windchimes for decoration purposes as well.


And we at Katies do not think there is anything wrong with that. We have a lovely collection of different size windchimes.


Wind chimes are not something new. They have been around since 1100BC in ancient windchimes were considered religious objects. Windchimes made it to the western world in the mid-1800s through Japan when they opened their ports.


While windchimes can be classified as a percussion instrument, they come in various shapes and sizes. Metal wind chimes make a chiming sound, while wood or bamboo make a deep resounding sound.

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Either you love or hate the sound of windchimes. But the ancient Chinese and Indian beliefs think windchimes have more to offer than lovely music. Windchimes are believed to bring positive energy and ward off evil spirits. Below we will explain the different types of wind chimes, placements, and beliefs.


Windchimes are used in feng shui adjustments for two reasons the metal in windchimes and the vibrations they make, creating positive energy. It is believed that wind chimes promote optimal qi. Qi is a positive life-force energy.


Wind chimes with 6 or 8 hollow rods are the best to enhance good energy. Wind chimes with 5 rods are best to correct the energies between two facing doors and suppress bad energies. A wind chime with five rods is the most favorable because it represents the five elements of earth, metal, fire, water, and wood.


Windchimes are known to balance the five elements of feng shui, with each element representing:


  1. Earth element: to invite in self-care, grounding, and balance.
  2. Metal element: to welcome joy, precision, and beauty.
  3. Water element: to bring in wisdom and enhance your career.
  4. Wood element: for growth, kindness, and flexibility.
  5. Fire element: to welcome passion, inspiration, and visibility.


Wind chimes hung inside or outside a shop or near the entrance attracts good energy each time the door is open. Hanging wind chimes in the toilet or storeroom attracts negative energy.

Do not hang wind chimes in the Southwest direction as it can exhaust the romance luck.

Wind chimes mainly come in shapes such as rods or tubes. They can be made of metal, wood, glass, bamboo, shells, stones, ceramic, or other earth-like items.


Metal wind chimes:

  • Should be hung in the West, North, or northwest zone.
    • In the West, they attract good luck in the lives of children and assist them in bringing honor to the family.
    • In the North direction, they open up career opportunities
    • In the Northwest, they bring the luck of mentors into your lives.

Wooden wind chimes

  • Should be hung in the East, South East, and south direction.
    • In the East, they bring growth to the residents
    • In the South East, they bring money
    • In the South, they attract fame

Ceramic wind chimes

  • It should be hung in the South West, Centre, and North-East direction.


With a greater purpose in mind, wind chimes are believed to have a soothing effect and bring a sense of calmness, luck, and positive energy.


Whether you believe in this or not, it still brings a beautiful touch to your living space! Shop our bamboo, wooden, and metal wind chimes online at or in our shop in Ndola, Zambia.

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