Katie’s International as well as the Katie’s Shop based in Ndola are making the difference Every day.

– Are you?

The Katie’s Tribe, try their utmost best to help our beautiful planet wherever they can, by only using paper packaging for our goodies and convincing all Katie’s customers to do the same!

What can you do to contribute and save our Earth?! Follow these easy and useful tips to become more of an earth worm and help our planet grow!

1. BYO bag – Bring Your own Bag

Always take your own shopping bags to the supermarket or shops. Do not worry if you do not have the environmentally friendly kind, even just reusing plastic bags from your own kitchen cupboard can still help to reduce waste.

2. Avoid individually wrapped products

Do not buy food in pre-portioned packaging, buy in bulk instead! Instead of buying 15 mini packs of biscuits or chips for school lunch, buy a large single packet and portion it into containers. Apply this theory to yoghurt, custards, and anything else that can be bought in a larger size. Every bit counts!

3. Do not buy fruit and veggies wrapped in plastic!

Like buying packaged food in bulk, avoid buying pre-packed or pre-weighed fruits and vegies. You know the kind – cling wrapped bananas on foam trays. Instead, choose from the loose section and put them straight in the fruit basket or fridge when you get home.

I mean really, why does a banana need any more packaging than what nature has already provided?

4. Swap out the Gladwrap for beeswax wraps or containers

Invest in some good, airtight storage containers that are both microwave and freezer safe. It is a good idea to have multiple containers in a range of sizes to accommodate for all the different types of food you will be storing, as well as snack sized containers for lunch boxes and storing liquids, dressings, and so on. As a major health bonus, the phthalates in plastic wrap are unbelievably bad for you, so you will be doing yourself, your friends, and family a favour too. You can also get reusable wax-lined cloths that work the same way as glad wrap and look great too.

5. Refuse the straw! Use your lips.

They may seem small and harmless, but they accumulate incredibly quickly over the space of a night out drinking. If you must drink with a straw, try to reuse it over the course of your night. Even better, invest in a reusable straw, like the stainless-steel straws available at the Katie’s Shop as well as the Katie’s International website.

6. Ditch disposable plates

If you are having a BBQ or party – do not freak out – but avoid using disposable cups, plates, and cutlery. Use your own glasses and ceramic plates and wash them. If you must use disposable items, opt for biodegradable ones made from corn-starch or paper. But if your Aunt Dora is insisting that really do have to use plastic plates, use the more durable kind so you can wash and reuse them.

7. Grow your own

Fresh herbs and salad leaves almost always come wrapped in plastic at the supermarket. Try growing your own herbs and salad leaves at home to enjoy fresh greens when you want!

8. Buy refills

Rather than buying a new product each time, start buying refills for your cleaning supplies. If you use one spray bottle a month then that is 12 spray heads a year that you do not need. Reuse your spray head wherever possible! This also applies to laundry detergents and fabric softeners. Always refill rather than chuck it away!

9. Swap your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo toothbrush.

Never heard of a bamboo toothbrush before. Start by checking out Environmental Toothbrush and Biome.

10. Ladies, a menstrual cup is not as scary as it sounds

It might seem daunting, but a cup is a great way to reduce your plastic waste (and save roughly K60,000 over a lifetime). Join the tribe of those who swear by the menstrual cup.

11. Try natural scents

If you are a big fan of the air freshener spray can, try out some non-aerosol versions. You could also try burning scented candles, incense, or essential oils instead, which you can purchase from our Katies Shop (based in Ndola) as well as on our Katie’s International website.

12. Do not throw away old toys

Recycle old plastic children’s toys. If they are not broken, do not throw them away. Consider giving them to a local op shop, day-care, orphanage, or kindergarten instead.

13. Avoid lighters

If you really need a lighter, stop buying plastic lighters. Instead, purchase a packet of matches or a refillable lighter that can be reused again and again.

SOURCE: https://www.australianethical.com.au/blog/22-tips-for-going-plastic-free/

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